Every year in Queensland, millions of dollars are wasted burying valuable and finite resources. Waste is an inefficient use of natural resources and wastes money, water, energy, land, and time. The amount of waste generated in Queensland is steadily growing and this trend is predicted to continue. As Queensland’s population grows and the standard of living increases, more goods are consumed and more wastes are produced. While much of our waste is generated by heavy industry and is not recoverable, we only recycle about a third of our recoverable waste. While householders have proven to be prudent kerbside recyclers, Queensland is still too often choosing landfill over recycling, particularly in the business sector, and this is a problem that is unsustainable. If we do not tackle the problem seriously now, we will leave a devastating legacy for our children: more rubbish tips encroaching on urban areas, increased rates for waste management and sky-rocketing greenhouse gas emissions from landfill.

The Applied Network for Recycled Organics and Waste Management (ANROWM) is an industry-oriented and research-driven network aimed at optimising beneficial use of recycled organics. ANROWM brings together the State Government, Industry (wastes and recycled organics), Researchers, Environmental consultants Growers and Farmers around Australia.