PolyWaste (plastics recycling technology)

PlasTech Recycling Limited (PRL) was incorporated in December 2018 as a public unlisted company limited by shares and currently consists of the following wholly and majority owned subsidiaries;

  • Newtecpoly Pty Ltd (“Newtecpoly”), ACN: 602 602 934 incorporated in Victoria, Australia.
  • PolyWaste Intellectual Property Limited (“PolyWaste”), Company No: 1967372 incorporated in Hong Kong.
  • PolyWaste Technologies Limited (“PolyWaste”), Company No: 1976306 incorporated in Hong Kong.

The PolyWaste technology is 100% owned by the subsidiary PolyWaste Intellectual Property Limited.  This disruptive patented technology uses mechanical (frictional) heat to simultaneously melt and mix used  plastics so that infeed mix materials (plastic waste of all types 1 to 7 simultaneously) generally do not require washing, blending, drying, shredding, granulating or pelletising beforehand.  This process significantly reduces the handling and processing costs associated with in-feed material preparation when compared to current processing technologies.

PRL is seeking to commercialise the PolyWaste technology and is currently funding the engineering package for the manufacture of the first commercial machines.  These machines will be available for sale to existing plastic product manufacturers or green-field manufacturers to facilitate opportunity for plastic products to be manufactured with up to 100% recycled content.

The subsidiary company Newtecpoly represents the operational arm of the business and is responsible for the research and development activities on behalf of PRL.

To request further information, please contact Dr Maryam Esfandbod on m.esfandbod[at]griffith.edu.au.