The Applied Network for Recycled Organics and Waste Management (ANROWM) is an industry-oriented and research-driven network aimed at optimising beneficial use of recycled organics. ANROWM brings together the State Government, Industry (wastes and recycled organics), Researchers, Environmental consultants Growers and Farmers around Australia.

ANROWM Aim and Targets:

  • Bring the QLD Government, Industry, Farmers, Growers and Regional Bodies together to find applied science gap
  • Education and Training
  • Research and Application
  • Public Awareness through Symposium and Newsletter


  • Providing information of all aspects within the field of activity of the network to policy and decision makers in Australia/Queensland.
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences in the practice of collection, treatment, recycling, application and marketing of organic wastes including the management of environmental side effects.
  • Promoting scientific research and development activities and their co-ordination between stakeholders and making available the results, especially the related practical aspects.
  • Organising conferences, workshops, seminars, education and training courses etc. and supporting such events organised by other organisations active in the range of biological waste.
  • Establishing and maintaining relations with other international or national organisations whose activities are related to organic waste management.

Key Contacts

ANROWM Director
Prof Chengrong Chen,
Griffith University

Lead Advocate
Dr Georgina Davis,
Queensland Farmers Federation

Executive Manager
Dr Maryam Esfandbod,
Griffith University

Communications Advisor
Veronica Dullens,
rEvolve Services and Australian Industrial Ecology Network

Scientific Advisor
Dr Mehran Rezaei-Rashti
Griffith University