Soil CRC Webinar (11 Aug 20): Evaluating alternative rhizobial carriers for improving soil performance, Prof Chengrong Chen

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The presentation focuses on the assessment of locally available and low-cost organic, inorganic and biochar materials as promising alternative microbial carriers to peat for invention and commercialisation of novel rhizobium inoculants. More than 100 types of these materials have been analysed for the physico-chemical properties (e.g., surface properties and moisture retention moisture) and assessed for their suitability as rhizobial carriers.

Professor Chengrong Chen a leader and founder of Environmental Biogeochemistry Research Lab (EBRL), Applied Network for Recycled Organics and Waste Management (ANROWM), Resource, Recovery, Recycling and Re-manufacturing (4R) Waste Hub, Griffith University, presents this webinar. Chen leads the Soil CRC project Evaluating alternative rhizobial carriers.

This webinar was presented on Tuesday August 11 2020. Further details at