Workshop on Progress Update on Emerging Contaminants in Solid Wastes and Soils

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Date: 8 October 2019
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: 2.02, N54 (Council), Bray Centre, Council Chambers, Nathan Campus, Griffith University

The workshop was run by Dr Maryam Esfandbod, BusinessĀ Development Manager for ANROWM, and received 25 attendees from industry, QLD state government and consultancy agencies at 8 October in Chancellor Board meeting room, Nathan Campus, Griffith University. It opened by Pro Vice Chancellor of Griffith Science, Prof Andrew Smith. Program running sheet attached in this document.

Discussion session was chaired by Dr Georgina Davis. It was very interactive among attendees and made a very informative contribution. Here are highlights from program and discussion session:

The characterisation of different organic wastes (food waste, biosolid, green waste, commercial compost and effluents) showed that Heavy metals are one of main issues in most of organic wastes while PFAS/PFOS has failed in few samples. Prof Chen is still working on more organic waste samples. There is a need for further study in addressing how contamination entered organic wastes and helping industry to removing this contamination.

The method for measuring microplastic in soil, solid wastes and effluents was well developed by Dr Mehran Rashti. The results showed that most of the samples had significant amounts of microplastics which needs further study for their interaction with soil organisms and plants as well as their off-site impacts on water quality.

In discussion session, attendees addressed some new emerging contaminants. Dr Georgina Davis proposed few questions and asked attendees to address the questions so we could keep the conversation open for more discussion and understanding of industry challenges and needs.